CMOS Image Sensors

Photolitics has a combined multi-decade experience in CMOS image sensor design. We employ our knowledge in solid-state pixel design with our portfolio of analog and mixed-signal processing IP to create high-performance image sensor solutions for the industrial machine vision, and medical markets. Our knowledge is backed by numerous image sensor products, including global shutter, linescan, high dynamic range, miniature endoscopic sensors among others.


Analog and Mixed-Signal IC Design

Our in-depth knowledge in analog and mixed-signal processing systems construction is supported by the dozens of successfully designed readout integrated circuits throughout the years, leading to our proficiency in analog design on digital sub-micron CMOS process nodes starting from 65 nm and above.


Analog-to-Digital Converters

Our IP list of Analog-to-Digital Converters includes a state-of-the-art high-speed high-resolution column-parallel ADC architecture. We provide tailored architecture designs to ensure optimum imager power efficiency. We have expertise in Single-Slope, Pipelined/Cyclic, and custom hybrid A/D converter architectures for column-parallel data conversion.


Parallel Signal Processing and High-Speed Data Transport

Whenever possible, our solutions include primitive parallel signal processing at the beginning of the digital signal chain. In the case of an image sensor or ROIC, we have expertise in in-column averaging, digital correlated multi-sampling, vertical edge detection and morphological array operations. We have in-depth knowledge of high-bandwidth serial and parallel interfaces for data delivery off-chip, including Gigabit sLVDS, MIPI, DVP, SPI, among other interfaces.


Advanced Packaging Solutions

Typical custom imaging applications often require advanced packaging designs to for optimum reliability, optical efficiency and thermal management. We have competence in large-format and high-aspect-ratio image sensor packaging, including silicon die stitching with optimized yield. Our prior experience also includes development of wafer-level optics integration and packaging of ultra-small camera modules for medical applications.