LS2G Linescan Image Sensor Family

The LS2G linescan image sensor uses advanced CMOS image sensor technology offering high QE and low-noise readout to benefit demanding high-speed applications. LS2G offers sharp cutoff RGBW and NIR filters and is available in resolutions from 2K to 16K pixels. The LS2G sensor offers an unique integrated, 3.5um, 5 um, 7 um, and 10 um pixel array technology in one package, and combined with charge-domain binning features leading to extremely versatile use-case scenarios.

CMOS Charge-Domain Global Shutter Pixel IP

In-pixel charge transfer to a storage gate has become the standard architecture for global shutter CMOS image sensors. We offer a more advantageous solution to traditional global shutter pixel technology, employing a charge-domain based photo diode storage and readout.

Custom Image Sensor Design

We have completed a number of custom image sensor design projects which are sole owned by our customers. Feel free to enquire us for a custom sensor integrated in your future camera system.