Feasibility Study and Architecture Proposal

A successful product starts with an in-depth feasibility study, architecture and technology selection. Based on our long-year experience in image sensor design, we can provide you with a range of the best solutions for your application case. At this phase we craft the starting definition of an imager, including device size, pixel-specifics, sensitivity, modes of operation, power, and even more detailed control signaling including a high-level behavioral model. Along with the technical feasibility study we provide you with support in project planning, estimates of prototype and production lot costs, risk and schedule estimates.

IC Design, Layout and Validation

Alongside the feasibility study and architecture proposal, the next phase in our design services offer includes full custom IC design. We start with a refinement of the high-level behavioral model, from the prior-made feasibility study to include real-time analog specifics using¬† modeling methodologies in Verilog/VerilogA. In the fore-coming steps we implement circuit block schematic design and layout, optical pixel design, as well as a definition of the IC packaging. A full chip verification with all components in place ensures highest safety for first-time-right outcome. We use the industry’s standard chip design and verification tools provided by Cadence and Mentor Graphics.

Prototyping, Test and Characterization

Successful test and characterization always starts with the right choice of package and test board design. We have a vast experience in test board PCB design, optimum COB packages, HDL design for FPGA, and comprehensive testbench control. An image sensor can not be characterized effectively without precision sets of light sources and optical elements. Our expertise and lab, equipped with state-of-the-art light testing equipment, yield a truthful characterization process even in the most delicate sensing applications. We strictly follow world-accepted characterization standards, whose definition we include with each of our characterization documents.

Production Services, Quality Control and Supply Management

We have a wide network of reliable partners in production, quality control and supply management. We guide you through the process and we can ensure long-term device support with the start of our design contract.

Obsolete Device Replacement

If your camera design or equipment is using an end-of-life CCD or CMOS image sensing device we can help you evaluate the possibility to replace it with an obsolete product re-design. We have experience in obsolete device transfers to modern technologies and we can guide you through the process of rejuvenating old microchips and guarantee you an extended supply.

Technical Consulting and Training Courses

We offer technical consulting in analog and mixed-signal IC design, debug and characterization of Analog-to-Digital Converters, parallel processing systems, and pixel array characterization. If you require consulting in the choice of an image sensor for your camera system, we can provide technical assistance and can guide you through the process. As professionals with decades of experience in image sensor design we offer teaching in the form of short training courses for small groups of design engineers. We have proficiency in a number of fields of IC design for light sensing, including solid-state physics for photonics technology and electro-optical pixel design.

Innovation and Research

We continuously brainstorm on innovative systems and exchange ideas on a regular basis with leading universities in imaging and physics. We have good connections with research groups at the University of Oxford, Linköping University, University of Siegen, University of Bath, among others. We are actively present in the scientific and international image sensors community and we are open-minded to collaborations in fundamental research and development in the fields of imaging, physics and electrical engineering. We set a number of high-quality scientific contributions in the CMOS imaging, IC design and relevant fields.

Business-case Analysis

The evaluation of future product feasibility has always been a tricky subject. As professionals with successful track-record in business development, we provide assistance in strategic business analysis and case-specific advice.